Amorphous provides this.appState and this.setAppState during and after your component's first render. They are not accessible in the constructor.

Additionally, Amorphous provides an appState parameter for the following React lifecycle methods:

  • shouldComponentUpdate(nextProps, nextState, nextAppState)
  • componentDidUpdate(prevProps, prevState, snapshot, prevAppState)

You may use either of these methods to monitor changes to appState and update your AppComponent properly, like you would for this.state.

Amorphous AppComponents and RootAppComponents provide a fourth parameter to componentDidUpdate: prevAppState, which holds the value of appState before the most recent render, and may be useful for comparing with the new this.appState value to perform non-react updates after the component has rendered. See lifecycle methods for more details and examples.

Note: snapshot is the return value of getSnapshotBeforeUpdate(), or undefined if no getSnapshotBeforeUpdate() is specified.

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