RootAppComponent creates a new appState, and should be extended by your app's root component. Any AppComponent must be a descendent of a RootAppComponent (that is, all AppComponents must have a RootAppComponent above them, but not necessarily directly above them, in their component tree).


RootAppComponent is a base component, so you should extend from it like you would React.Component.

class App extends RootAppComponent {
  // ...

To initialize appState, you should set appState either as an instance property or in the constructor, as you would with state:

class App extends RootAppComponent {

  state = {};
  appState = { someProperty: 0 };

  // or:
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {};
    this.appState = { someProperty: 0 };



Initialize or access appState. this.appState should be initialized in your root component's constructor (or via appState = inside the class body).

this.setAppState(update, callback)


shouldComponentUpdate(nextProps, nextState, nextAppState)

componentDidUpdate(prevProps, prevState, snapshot, prevAppState)

And all React.Component methods

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